Honey Bees in the U.S.A

Information Design

This information design project shows life of honey bees, the benefits that they have on the U.S. economy, and explains reasons for the decline of honey bee colonies over the last 50+ years.

This spread gives the background to the lives of honey bees, and the roles that each type of bee plays within the hive.

Honey bees contribute over $15 billion to the value of crops through pollination in the United States. This chart breaks this number down by showing exactly how much the bees contribute to each crop, and analyzes the most important crops in our country that depend on honey bees. It also explores the values of other products that hives produce.

This spread discusses the details of the decline in honey bee colonies in the U.S. in the last century, and why they are declining at an unsustainable rate. 

This image is an expanded detail of the "causes of colony loss" pie chart, which explains the cause of the hive loss, and the percentage of total lost hives that experienced that particular type of loss.